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Fill online application

Fill out an online application to let us know more about yourself and briefly describe the company you’re referring us to or their IT project(s).


Opens referral link

If your Referral is a brand new customer to Xai Syndicate Internasional and fulfills all the pre-qualifications described in Terms & Conditions, you will receive $200.


Sign contract with your Referral

your Referral gets a one-time 3% discount for the services provided by Xai Syndicate Internasional in accordance with this program.

How can help them:

Industry Expertise

Devising a full-scale IT strategy, including digital transformation and introduction of advanced technologies (big data, AI and machine learning, AR/VR, image/video analysis, etc.).

Planning and development of web, mobile and desktop applications, SaaS products, libraries and APIs.

Application management, modernization, integration, migration, support and security.

Optimizing IT-related operations and maintenance activities.

Cloud adoption.


Handling all types of software testing (functional, performance, usability, compatibility, security testing), continuous testing practices, test automation strategy development.

Converting data into actionable insights for financial analytics, marketing and sales analytics, supply chain analytics, HR analytics, and more.

IT infrastructure optimization and management (administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and evolution).

Know someone who needs our services? Get $1200 for each new customer you bring us!

For each new approved opportunity you get $200

If your referral brings a new contract to us, you’ll get an additional $1000

Your referral will get 3% off contract value

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